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Looking to the Future – Small Farming for Food Security

Bertrand Farm offers a beginner farming program with an internship component. To learn more about the class only go to the Beginner Farmer page.

We are in an exciting time for the field of food and farming. The desire for re-invention of our food industry is unprecedented. Hands on experience is the best way to learn about farming. Come grow with us and connect to your land, your health, and your community.

We strive to be a place that fosters creativity and lifelong learning. Interns work closely with our field manager and the community in our Community sponsored agriculture program (CSA). Our partnerships with other nearby farmers allow us to offer a diverse and exciting farm education. We believe the future of food security rests in a localized food system.

We operate 10 acres of diversified production including vegetables, eggs, meats, fruit and small grains. We have a strong focus on environmental stewardship including organic and permaculture practices. Our farming style is an environmentally regenerative one. Each year we welcome up to four full time interns for three to six months during the growing season. Interns participate in all aspects of the farm including our educational classes. We strongly encourage applicants who are looking for practical farming education but also welcome all who have an interest in food production and environmental restoration. We are an educational working farm and offer internships in experiential teaching and we partner with local restaurants to offer culinary arts internship as well.


Organic Farming For Food Production 101

PURPOSE: To gain experience in vegetable, fruit and meat production using proven organic practices that are mindful of sustainability with regards to the environment, the availability of affordable fuel and the future food security needs of our local communities; To experience a variety of successful small scale, food producing farming styles; To know the steps, from planning to market, for food farming. To understand food security issues that necessitates growth in small farming everywhere.



We offer an Experiential Teaching Internship for education majors. In addition to the farm curriculum a teaching component with practical experience is included. Interns pursuing this program will have an opportunity to shadow our Farm to School programming during the school year if interested.



Our culinary intern is exposed to a valuable threefold experience; hands-on sustainable farming practices, food preparation with a focus on the slow food and farm to table movements, and various aspects of culinary entrepreneurial business administration including finance, marketing, and operations. Together these experiences will present the future culinary professional with the questions and concerns necessary to contribute to a more sustainable food system.

We encourage students to apply for intern grants from their Universities and outside organizations. Some housing opportunities are available. We offer a small stipend for full-time interns and lots of fresh produce. School credit should be pursued by the intern through their college or university. We make every effort to be helpful in the process.


Duties And Responsibilities Of Interns

  • Daily fieldwork will include animal maintenance chores and farming practices
  • Using farm equipment including hand tools, sprayers, tillers and driving farm tractor
  • Keeping detailed records on all farm activities
  • Participation in weekly educational components may include: presentations, workshops, farm tours, and movies
  • Suggested pre-reading You Can Farm, by Joel Salatin, selected articles and suggested web pages on sustainable agriculture topics; view you-tube videos on organic farming, as assigned
  • Experiential Teaching Interns are asked to pre-read Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, and Positive Discipline in the Classroom by Jane Nelson, Lynn Lott and Stephen Glenn and participate in a discussion group on said books

REPORTS TO: Therese Zimmerman-Niemier Bertrand Farm Inc, Director

COOPERATIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Purple Porch Co-op, Prairie Winds Farm, Clay Bottom Farm, Monroe Park Food Co-op

There are many long days in the growing season; A typical day on the farm starts early with breakfast and farm chores. Field work and more physically demanding tasks last until Noon. Afternoons can include shade work, class work, or down time. Dinner is typically at five. Any unfinished field work is completed in the evenings. Our farming experience is an emersion in nature. Sometimes we find these days exhausting but always exciting and full of reward.

Each week has its own routine. Cooking and house chores are shared. If we get ahead we take some time to rest, if we get behind we work extra hours. Weekends are free after harvest on Saturday which ends at 11am.

Position Requirements

  • High school graduate, must be 18
  • Candidates should have an interest in environmental restoration, food production/organic farming or education
  • Able to work hard mentally and physically; required lifting can reach 50lbs
  • Tolerant of sweat, dirt, sun and rain (enjoying it is a plus)
  • Able to work well as a team member and independently
  • Able to work minimum of 12 weeks, start date May or early June (and sign intern contract)
  • Able to secure a background check


Please download and complete Internship Application and email to Bertrand Farm. We will be in touch with you regarding a telephone interview, but please feel free to follow up with an email or phone call.


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